Minimise Repayments – Save a tidy sum every month

Do you know your home loan interest rates and repayments?

Do you pay a higher interest rate on your existing mortgage and paying excess repayments?

Do you want to pay a competitive home loan interest rate and save a tidy sum?

If the answer is YES, then there is a great news for you. One of our top lender has currently advertised a limited-time offer with 3.85% variable interest rate for owner occupied properties.

For example: If your current interest rate is 4.40% and your outstanding limit on your existing mortgage is $450,000

Your current repayment be 4.40%: $2253* monthly
New repayment would be 3.85%: $2109* monthly

*The above-mentioned numbers are only an estimate and are subject to Banks’ lending criteria
**No special rate for limited term, it’s for life of the loan term

You are saving about $144 every month, which is a fair savings per month. If you continue to pay this $144 to your home loan as an additional repayment, then you could potentially pay out your home loan in 26 years 9 months instead of 30 years.

Better to have those extra $ in your pocket rather paying to the bank.Don’t miss the bus.

Apart from saving money, ACCORD FINANCIAL GROUP also gives you an opportunity to win some money as well. YES, you just read it right. Refer your friends, family and win cash rewards upon successful settlement. Each successful settlement (loan size must be atleast $250,000) will attract a gift card worth of $150.

Call me or reply via email to check if you qualify for the above offer and to know how much you can save by switching your home loan.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact me direct +61 424 321 421.

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