Home Loan

Home Loan

Discover how easy it can be to achieve your property goals – with our help, no matter what you are aiming to:

  • Buy your first home
  • Invest in property
  • Refinance existing loans
  • Save with debt consolidation

We make it easy for you:

  • We listen to your needs.
  • We sort through hundreds of home loan products using sophisticated software.
  • Our loan solutions are tailored to your goals
  • We speak in plain English so that you know which loans we recommend and why.

Our service comes at no cost to you
We get paid the same commission regardless of which home loan you choose, as long as it’s a residential home loan with one of the Lenders on our panel. This ensures we’re focused on the right outcome for you.

  • Explain the various features of home loan products.
  • Explain how to extract equity from the existing property and use it as a deposit or shortfall funds for the new purchase.
  • Explain the deposit required and shortfall you have to come up with to complete the purchase of your first property.
  • Explain the stamp duty cost and other home buying costs involved.
  • Explain whether the Lenders mortgage insurance will favour or disadvantage us during the purchase of a new home loan.
  • Explain how the rental yield plays a role in your borrowing power.
  • We can also demonstrate on your savings that you can make if all the debts have been consolidated and help you to accomplish the same.
  • We compare the various products available in the market and present the best options to you that would suit your current financial requirement.
  • Letting you know how much you can save in each product, repayments made and the features available for each of them.
  • Demonstrate the savings that you can make on the lump sum payments made towards your home loan purchase or how the loan term can be reduced by making extra payments every month.
  • Explaining you the overall home buying process and the time frame from the start until the settlement of the property based on the lender and the product chosen.
  • Offer you with some tips to retain your credit reporting in good shape and if required can also assist to resolve any defaults in your credit files.

We have access to most of the lenders, and over a hundred mortgage products.Whether you are a first home buyer, investor or self-employed, we can assist.Got home loan questions? We are just a phone call away. As experienced home loan experts, we can point you in the right direction. A mortgage is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Contact Accord Financial Group today.